The History of SKB Cases

The History of SKB Cases

SKB Cases were Established in 1977 by Dave Sanderson and Steve Kottman. They manufactured their first SKB guitar case in a small garage in Anaheim, California.
SKB Cases are now globally recognised as an industry leader in the manufacturing of moulded polymer transport cases. SKB cases are designed to prove expert protection for equipment that is used regularly by thousands of companies around the world, such as music and pro-audio products.

They also range into the military, industrial and medical applications side of protective cases. SKB ensures that they supply maximum travel protection for consumer sports and electronics equipment.

The famous SKB logo, has ensured maximum protection and unsurpassed durability for four decades.

In 1979 SKB Cases managed to convince fender that SKB could provide 2,500 cases for Fender’s special anniversary edition Stratocaster. This is when business really started to kick off. By 1983, SKB were manufacturing 600 cases per week, with the help of 20 employees, the cases were being produced on machinery that was built by Dave and Steve.

By 1987 SKB were involved in military contracts and cases for medical equipment, these are great contracts for growth potential. This allowed SKB to move into 40,000 square feet address in Orange, CA. 10 years down the line, and 500 employees stronger, SKB opened their fourth warehouse. Inside which, they have three rotational moulding ovens.

SKB cases are made from rotational moulding ovens, which involves a heated hollow mould, which is then filled up with a charge of material. Once the material is in the mould, it is slowly rotated on two perpendicular axes which causes the softened material to gradually stick to the walls of the mould. This creates the case, then all that needs to be done is the finishing touches, As well as cleaning it off and adding the SKB branding.

The most recent thing SKB have done, in 2015, is installed two new storage silos, that have a 200,000 pound capacity. They were installed for ensure a more efficient materials storage and delivery system to SKB’s main factory.

Where in the UK can you buy SKB Cases?

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