Plastic pallet boxes

Popular for their large volume and strong construction. You will find our pallet boxes both in assemblies for the storage of heavy materials and at vegetable and fruit growers for the transport of large quantities of loose products.

Depending on their size, the pallet boxes can carry up to five tons in the stack and up to 800 kilos in the rack. Stacking higher requires less floor space. Engels offers different versions of pallet boxes; there are three bottom versions and four sidewall verions to choose from:

four legs: for the agri-industry (the content may protrude above the box)
two skids: better stacking, also suitable for roller conveyors
three skids: industrial use, heavy duty

Four sidewall versions:

flat sidewall on the inside, for industrial use, foldable or in one piece.
bulging sidewall, for maximum capacity when the pallet boxes are filled with bulk material. Also foldable or in one piece.

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