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Peli Case with Trekpak Inserts
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Who is Peli, and why Buy Peli cases?

Peli is a brand of an injection-moulded case that offers a remaining high degree of protection. The qualities that generally define a Peli case are strength, excessive-impact resistance, dust protection, chemical resistance and IP67 water resistance. available in an extensive variety of shapes and sizes, their recognition for reliability and protection have made them famous in conditions in which equipment needs to be protected from harsh conditions.

The Peli Case range has been the gold standard protective case choice for the last forty years, with a loyal user base ranging from multinational organisations to professional photographers from all over the world.

Offering peerless protective equipment cases for valuable items for over forty years, the Lifetime Guarantee has given Peli customers the peace of mind that their equipment is in the safest hands.

Peli Or Pelican Products What’s the difference?
Peli Products is the trading name in Europe of Pelican Products Inc of Torrance, California. To put it simply, the products are exactly the same but branded differently in Europe and the UK.
Peli Products (UK) is the UK distributor of the market-leading brand of protective cases, torches and area lighting. Peli has been established for over 25 years and is an ISO registered company, ensuring quality systems and excellence in service.

BrandModelInternal (mm)External (mm)Weight (kg)Wheels
Peli1120185 x 121 x 85214 x 172 x 980.53-
Peli1150211 x 147 x 95240 x 198 x 1090.73-
Peli1170268 x 153 x 80296 x 212 x 960.89-
Peli1200235 x 181 x 105270 x 246 x 1741.2-
Peli1300233 x 178 x155270 x 246 x 1741.4-
Peli1400301 x 228 x 131347 x 295 x 1461.8-
Peli1430344 x 146 x 297417 x 221 x 3342.5-
Peli1450374 x 260 x 154409 x 331 x 1752.5-
Peli1500428 x 286 x 155471 x 357 x 1752.9-
Peli1520449 x 318 x 171499 x 393 x 1913.7-
Peli1550473 x 360 x196525 x 435 x 2164.8-
Peli1660716 x 442 x 270800 x 581 x 48315.5Yes
Peli1670714 x 419 x 233788 x 493 x 28410.4Yes
Peli1690765 x 638 x 390849 x 721 x 44815.4Yes
Peli17401041 x 328 x 3081122 x 409 x 3569.9-
Peli0340457 x 457 x 457521 x 521 x 52110.9-