The History of Peli Cases

The History of Peli Cases

Pelican Products (or Peli Cases as they are known in the UK) was founded in Torrance, California, in 1975 by David and Arline Parker as a mail-order home business. It was David Parker’s desire to develop unique and practical products for the dive market.

Years later Pelican is now a privately held corporation specialising in lighting, protective cases, and luggage.

Peli Cases are moulded plastic containers, which are sealed with a watertight and airtight gasket. Pelican cases meet the standards for waterproofing, with their IEC IP67 rating. IP67 ratings, guarantee dust and water immersion’s of up to 1 meter. They also meet the standard ‘ATA 300’ rating, which indicates compliance with ‘Air Transport Association’, which guarantees durability when shipping products over sea’s. All Pelican products come with a lifetime guarantee.

In Europe, Pelican cases are sold as Peli Cases, due to the fact another company had previously trademarked the ‘Pelican’ name. Peli Cases, come with an automatic pressure purge, which strictly only allows air to travel through in to the case, meaning if the case was to fall into the water, it would have enough air inside it to keep it afloat keeping the contents from getting damaged.

Pelican’s headquarters is situated in Torrance, California. They have 200,000 square feet of land just at this location. Serving as their home office for over 1,200 employees worldwide. Pelican cases are manufactured all over the world, including North America, Europe and Australasia.

They also manufacture in South Deerfield, Massachusetts – Crottendorf, Germany – Leighton Buzzard, UK – Melbourne, Australia – Plymouth, Minnesota.

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Timeline of Peli:

In 1975 David and Arline Parker founded Pelican Products as a mail-order home business specialising in unique products for the diving market.

In October 2004, a private equity investment firm Behrman capital, paid about $200 million for Pelican Products.

In 2006, Behrman capital announced that Lyndon J Faulkner has been named CEO, succeeding the retirement of David Parker.

In March 2008 Pelican Products purchased their largest Australian distributor and opened a derivative of ‘Pelican’ called ‘Pelican Australia’.

In January 2009, Pelican Products announced the obtaining of long-time competitor, Hardigg, in Massachusetts the world’s largest manufacturer of rotationally moulded protective cases.

In 2016, Pelican Products appointed Phil Gyori as Group President.

The future of Pelican Products
The combined company has more than 1,300 employees. As of April 2017, Pelican Products now operates in 21 countries, has 22 international sales offices globally and maintains six manufacturing locations in North America, Europe and Australia.

Where in the UK can you buy Peli cases?

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