What Is An Ingress Protection (IP) Rating?

Ingress Protection (IP) not to be confused with Intellectual Property (which is a whole other subject), is defined as the degrees of protection provided by enclosures. We are often asked for transit cases with an IP rating and there are several options available. The original British Standard dates back to 1992 and is detailed in BS EN 60529, a cure for insomnia if ever there was one. The standard describes the protection provided for electrical enclosures but has been used more generally for transit cases, this only applies to cases when closed, once the case is open any IP rating is cannot apply. The designation is indicated by IPXXXX, the first X is a number between 0 & 6 indicating ingress of foreign objects, 0 being not protected and 6 being dust-tight, the second X is a number between 0 & 8 indicating ingress against water, 0 being not protected and 8 being continuous immersion, the third and fourth X are letters specific to supplementary information and are optional.

There are many manufacturers of cases that are IP rated, Peli cases are at the forefront of IP68 injection moulded cases and we at Protechnic can supply Peli cases and a raft of other IP68 rated cases at the most competitive prices. We are also able to manufacture our flagship product – The Exo case to IP56. With our ‘in house’ design and manufacturing team we can customise the cases to suit your exact requirements.


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Portable Social Distancing Screens


Upgrade your office or desk space for social distancing with stylish, free-standing screens


To be safe during COVID-19, all workplaces must conform to new social distancing standards and this universal product lets you do just that, fast.

Our new PB-3W divider panels are an ideal way to instantly create cubicles, partitions or gangways , privacy whilst your working from home.

Constructed from 100% recyclable high-tech polypropylene panels, the PB-3W is super tough, easy to clean, and incredibly light. It can be folded and set aside in seconds to recover floor space.

Choose from two convenient heights, both offering a four-panel concertina action that expands instantly to create a private barrier. Our new Livehinge™ construction means panels freely fold back and forth without old-style mechanical hinges that can wear down and are difficult to clean thoroughly.

Both sizes are available in black, grey and blue to meet a range of requirements such as webcam background editing.

Great for preventing contact in a shared space like offices, factories or public areas. The PB series are carry-anywhere and deploy instantly to give privacy and act as a barrier

whenever you need. They can be packed down flat when stored so minimal space is needed and are easy to keep sanitised thanks to the textured polypropylene surface.

Here’s one of our Portable Social Distancing Screens in action, being used by Ben Stephenson our Design Manager at Protechnic.


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See all of our COVID-19 protection products here













































Peli Case Accessories – How to setup your Peli Products Guide


Peli Cases - Peli Products UK logo

Peli Case Accessories – How to set up your Peli Products 


When it comes to accessorising your case, sometimes a little help setting up your new product goes a long way.  therefore we have this ”How to set up your Peli Products ” tutorial page to help you in your time of need.

We’ve listed Peli’s top tutorials below to help you accessorise your Peli Case.


Padded Dividers Sets:

This product offers great organisation for your equipment inside the case, and it also provides adequate padding for extra protection from impacts.

See our range of padded dividers sets available, here

Please see the video below for how to install this Product into your case.


TrekPak Inserts:

The Peli 1605 Trepak Insert Allows you to customise your case layout. Using an innovative and sturdy design, TrekPak allows you to optimise space while maximising protection.

See our range of Trekpak Inserts available, here

Please see the video below for how to install this Product into your case. 



Panel Frame Kits:

The mounting brackets are designed so you can install electronics or instrumentation panels into your case. The O-ring gasket seals the panel so the base of the case remains watertight, even with the lid open.

See our range of panel frame kits available, here

Please see the video below for how to install this Product into your case.



Lid Organisers:

A lid organiser is a great way to make full use of the space in the lid of your case, providing pockets for small accessories.

The organiser comes with screws to be screwed into pre-moulded lid bosses inside the case.

Please see the video below for how to install this Product into your case.



Peli Pick’n’Pluck Foam:

Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam is a great way to create an insert for your Case that is tailored to your equipment. The foam is pre-scored, making it quick and easy to pluck out areas as needed.

Please see the video below for how to install this Product into your case.



Thanks for checking out our page, we hope found this post helpful.

If you require any further assistance with your Peli accessories don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01275 811310 and speak to a member of our team.

To see our full range of Peli Products available, here

Advanced Engineering

Advanced Engineering 2018

Protechnic Ltd and Cases2Go are pleased to announce that we will be showing off our latest products to the Advanced Engineering Show 2018 at the end of October.

If you are planning on visiting, then please make sure that you come and see us at our stand P42.

If you would like more information about our products, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01275 811 310

Case Comparison Update

Ever been stuck looking for a case to fit your equipment?

We have been working hard to expand the ease of use of our website. We have been listening to your feedback and have started creating a comparison page for the site.

This page will allow you to scan through different case options based on size, price and brand.

Over the next few weeks, we will be adding more cases to this page with more options to help you find the perfect solution to fit. If there is anything you cant find here, please make sure you get in touch with our team and we will do what we can to find the solution you need.

You can view the case comparison page here.

Brands currently in the comparison:

Peli Cases
B&W Cases
Nanuk Cases

To keep up to date with our updates make sure that you check back on the site regularly and follow us on social media.

Peli 1485 Air Case - Black - 014850-0010-110E - Cases2GO

Why buy a Peli Case?

This is a question that I get asked almost daily. People are constantly trying to save money and evaluate their spending by making sure that they are getting the most value for money possible when making decisions to spend.

The actual question that you are asking is – Do Peli cases and other high end protective cases provide enough value to justify the spend?

For now, I will not just talk about Peli, as Pelican cases are just one of the many high end protective cases on the market that are around the same price bracket.

When people say “Peli Case” 9 times out of 10 they are simply referring to high end IP67 rated plastic cases.

The leading brands of this type of case are Pelican Cases (USA), SKB Cases (USA), Nanuk Cases (Canada), B&W International (Germany), HPRC (Italy) & MAX Cases (Italy).

What do these cases offer that imitations do not?

There is a reason that these cases hold a premium price tag. They are designed to compete in an extremely diverse market.

All these cases boast a IP67 rating but what does that really mean?

IP stands for ingress protection – referring in this case to foreign objects and liquid.



Premium cases are also accredited with a STANAG 4280 Def Stan 81-40 Nato level 1 rating. Meaning that the cases are drop, vibration, heat and low temperature tested to the following conditions:



At 25ºC, 2 hours of vibration at amplitude of ± 0.23” (± 6 mm) peak (0.46 DA) from 5 to 9 Hz and ± 2 g peak from 9 to 350 Hz and a sweep rate of 0.75±0.25 octave.



Decrease temperature to -20±2ºC for 16±5 hours and afterwards return to 20±10ºC.



Increase temperature from 25±10ºC to 55±2ºC, humidity not exceeding 75%, and maintain conditions for 48±1 hours. Return temperature to 20±10ºC.



At 25±10ºC, the case is dropped from a height of 1000±5 mm making sure that the impact is received in all angles of the case.


So, are they worth it?

High end protective cases offer high end protection for high end equipment. It is as simple as that. If you have a camera or drone that is worth financially £1,000 but in addition to that equipment is a part of your livelihood would you not want the assurance that when you need it, it is ready to go?

For under £100.00 (depending on size) you can get a water & dust proof case with drop & vibration protection or for under £50.00 you can get an imitation case with none of the testing or protection that these cases provide.

In addition to the quality every single one of these brands offer at least 30 years to a lifetime warrantee on their products. This means if a clip breaks, or the case gets damaged simply send it back and the manufacturer will repair it or send you out a spare to repair it yourself. One case really will outlive the product going into it.

Concluding thoughts…

There is actually very little that somebody can do to convince you that a branded protective case is any better than a cheap one. However, there is a reason that these cases have been on the market for as long as they have, and the market continues to grow year by year.

Sometimes you must learn first hand that cutting corners on protecting your equipment is far from the most cost effective solution.

Chris Ganley Racing

Sponsoring Arm1 Racer Chris Ganley

Cases2Go.co.uk and Protechnic Ltd are proud to announce our sponsorship of Chris Ganley in his 2018 race season.
Chris Ganley, the military veteran and rifleman from Clevedon, who suffered extreme and life-changing injuries after a motorcycling accident now aims to compete in the Isle of Man TT race in 2023.

Despite the accident, Chris’ passion for motorcycles didn’t change. He bought himself a Yamaha YZF 600 Thundercat and was hoping to race for his army’s team, but devastatingly, he never got the chance to do so before being discharged from the army for the injuries he sustained.

Chris now races in the Thundersport GB Championship, competing against able-bodied riders of all levels, where he finished 4th overall in the championship in 2017.
We will be following Chris on his journey throughout this year’s season and the build up to the TT.
For more information about Chris and his journey visit his website @ www.chrisganleyracing.co.uk or on his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ganleyracing/

The Farnborough Air Show

The Farnborough Air Show

For the first time Protechnic Ltd will be exhibiting at the world famous Farnborough Air Show. We will be displaying a large array of our products for the full 7 day duration.

The Farnborough Air Show boasts more that 1500 exhibitors for 52 countries with 82 of the top 100 aerospace companies participating. The 70,000 sqm exhibition space sets the scene for $124 billion in orders and commitments each year!

Protechnic are proud to be exhibiting at this event that opens on the 16th July 2018, we hope that you will come and visit us there.

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics

Come and see us at Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Stand C260 – 6th to 8th Feb 2018.

We will be displaying our range of protective flight cases and patented case designs at a mixture of shows throughout the year. Our show schedule is kicking off in Feb with the Southern Manufacturing and Electronics Show in Farnborough, UK.

Drone Magazine Build your own case

Carry On Building: Create your own case with Drone Magazine

Drone Magazine issue #25 is now on sale and included is a brand new feature by Cases2Go founder Dan Francis. In this issue Dan takes you through step by step how to build your own bespoke insert for your spare drone equipment.

All the parts need to do this are available from our online shop.

For more information make sure you check out the issue – available here

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