A Creative look at B&W’s Outdoor Case Range by Benjamin Horn

Ben's Lenses

Photo credit to: https://benjaminhorn.io/

‘When I moved to Sweden I didn’t bring a lot of gear with me. It was my canon 60d and a couple of lenses. After living in Stockholm for a few years, with an excellent second-hand market, I’ve acquired more gear than I really need.’

– February 4, 2015.

Benjamin Horn, is a professional developer, he’s been working in the profession since 2007. Born in Germany but spending most of his life in Finland, before moving to Sweden for a couple of years to then move back to Finland, where he currently resides.

Benjamin started his website out as a personal project, this started in 2010. He wanted to start his own coding project during his spare time, and what better way to do that, than to build on your own site. He is now currently running the blog on WordPress, making it easier for him to work with, as before this, Benjamin ran a custom blog-engine.

I found Benjamin’s work while researching some images of the protective cases that we offer on Cases2GO. I was absolutely blown away when I came across his photography for the first time.

Ben's lens next to the type 67

Photo credit to: https://benjaminhorn.io/

It just so happens that Benjamin owns some of B&W International’s protective photography case products, a company we work very closely with. The quality of their cases led to him featuring a blog post about one of their products, the Outdoor type 67 with dividers set.

Ben's lenses in the outdoor case

Photo credit to: https://benjaminhorn.io/

When Benjamin moved to Sweden he didn’t bring a lot of his gear with him. He brought a Canon 60D and a couple of his favourite lenses, but due to living in a big city meant that there was a lot of easily accessible equipment, which ends up with you having too much gear to handle.

Originally, Ben was just planning to divide his gear up into separate bags, but, for obvious reasons there’s a lot of risks involved in doing that. Shortly after trying to find a solution, Benjamin found B&W International, who were nice enough to meet with him and discuss a price and a case to suit his needs, he then bought this case.

Side shot of Ben's lenses in the outdoor case

Photo credit to: https://benjaminhorn.io/

We think that Ben’s photos deserved a feature on our website – so please make sure you visit his website & social media pages if you are as impressed as we are with his work.

If you are looking to buy this case in the UK check it out in our store – here