B&W ‘Outdoor Cases’ are the best cases in the market!

We’ve recently been heavily involved with B&W. Their full range of products are now available on our Website and eBay store. (these cases can be purchased here.)

The first thing that we love about their cases, is the way they look. They have a very slick and modern design. Setting extremely high standards for 21st century flight cases.

Just take a look at this case;

B&W Outdoor type 3000 for Yuneec Breeze

Would you believe this case is ONLY £80.90?

We couldn’t either, that’s why we were so keen work with B&W to be able to bring these cases to the UK market. If you’d like to know how durable they are, check out this EPIC video.

We truly believe these cases are the future of the market. With such high durability at such an affordable price, there really isn’t much room for improvement.

If you’d like more information about B&W, go to their website or feel free to give us a call to have a chat, so we can help you find the best case to suite your needs @ 01275 407006.