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Portable Social Distancing Screens


Upgrade your office or desk space for social distancing with stylish, free-standing screens


To be safe during COVID-19, all workplaces must conform to new social distancing standards and this universal product lets you do just that, fast.

Our new PB-3W divider panels are an ideal way to instantly create cubicles, partitions or gangways , privacy whilst your working from home.

Constructed from 100% recyclable high-tech polypropylene panels, the PB-3W is super tough, easy to clean, and incredibly light. It can be folded and set aside in seconds to recover floor space.

Choose from two convenient heights, both offering a four-panel concertina action that expands instantly to create a private barrier. Our new Livehinge™ construction means panels freely fold back and forth without old-style mechanical hinges that can wear down and are difficult to clean thoroughly.

Both sizes are available in black, grey and blue to meet a range of requirements such as webcam background editing.

Great for preventing contact in a shared space like offices, factories or public areas. The PB series are carry-anywhere and deploy instantly to give privacy and act as a barrier

whenever you need. They can be packed down flat when stored so minimal space is needed and are easy to keep sanitised thanks to the textured polypropylene surface.

Here’s one of our Portable Social Distancing Screens in action, being used by Ben Stephenson our Design Manager at Protechnic.


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