Plastic pallet PE-R 1200x800x153 mm, 9 feet, perforated deck

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Nestable pallet 1200x800x153 mm
on 9 feet
with perforated deck
static charge max 2000 kg
dynamic charge max 1000 kg
colour black
Material PE recycle
Temp. – 40°C till 70°C

£14.00 (tax excl.)


Nestable, light and strong

Most export pallets are made of the cheap recycled PO plastic. PO is a harder and somewhat heavier material that requires greater wall thicknesses. We make cheap, but less light one-way pallets.

Weight plays the most important role in air transport. Here we recommend light pallets from “HDPE-Recycle”. Suitable due to smaller wall thicknesses and a lower weight per pallet.

Advantages of export pallets:

  • the nestability of the pallets reduces transport and storage costs
  • from the packaging of the goods to the arrival at the recipient, the goods do not need to be repackaged
  • plastic pallets do not fall under the ISPM 15 standard that applies to wooden pallets
  • advantageous price of a pallet made of recycled material

Additional information

Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 153 mm