Charging Trolley System 32 Port

Portable and lightweight
Secure locking with Combination & standard lock.
Cable management system.
Roller shutter doors to save space and prevent a trip hazard.
Safe charging
Fully assembled
Intelligent, simultaneous Charging for all tablets
Based on the industry-standard 19” rack.
SyncIt USB-C 32 Trolley Specifications

Model: 85910
Output Interface: USB-C *16 Port (x2)
Product Size: 771 x 675 x 476mm (HxWxD)
Colour: White
Case Material: Phenol Faced Resin Board, Powder Coated Steel & UPVC
Gross Weight 38kg
Power Supply: Built-in 5V 40A
Rated Output: 5V – 2400mA(Max)
Current Protection/Hot Plug: Support
Security Module: Over-current, Over-voltage, Short Circuit Protection
LED Indicator: Green & Red
Support System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8 & Mac 9.0 etc
Certificate: CE, FCC, ROHS Approval
Category: Trolley Systems
SKU: 85472
Category: Trolley Systems



32 Port iPad Trolley System Designed & Manufactured in the UK.
This trolley also has applications for all tablets and other small devices.
The trolley surfaces are satin anodised aluminium, phenol-faced resin board (similar to high-pressure laminate), powder-coated steel and UPVC, robust construction and easy to clean.
The sync function allows the devices to be seen by external software, Apple for example have the configurator software which allows all devices to be updated simultaneously.
The USB charging hubs have intelligent charging which means that the devices will be charged at the maximum rate, once fully charged the hub will go into a trickle charge mode ensuring that the device is fully charged and can be left on charge.
The charging status of the USB hub is indicated by panel mounted LED’s.