MultiPad™ 48 Port Charging Trolley System

Portable and lightweight
Secure locking with Combination & standard lock.
Cable management system.
Safe charging
Fully assembled
Intelligent, simultaneous Charging for all tablets
Based on the industry-standard 19” rack.

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Category: Trolley Systems



Discover the cutting-edge MultiPad™ 48 Port Charging Trolley System by Protechnic – the ultimate solution for managing and charging your valuable devices.

– 48 Port iPad Trolley System Designed & Manufactured in the UK.
– This trolley also has applications for all tablets and other small devices.
– The sync function allows the devices to be seen by external software, Apple for example has the configurator software which allows all devices to be updated simultaneously.
– The USB charging hubs have intelligent charging which means that the devices will be charged at the maximum rate, once fully charged the hub will go into a trickle charge mode ensuring that the device is fully –charged and can be left on charge.
– The charging status of the USB hub is indicated by panel-mounted LED’s.

Our state-of-the-art trolley system, designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom, is the perfect choice for educational institutions, universities, hospitals, and beyond, with a higher device capacity.

What sets the MultiPad™ 48 Port Charging Trolley System apart:

Sync Functionality: With advanced synchronization capabilities, your devices become visible to external software. For instance, Apple users can seamlessly utilize configurator software, allowing simultaneous updates across all devices.
Intelligent Charging: Our USB charging hubs offer intelligent charging, ensuring your devices charge at their maximum speed. Once fully charged, the hub transitions to a trickle charge mode, guaranteeing your devices are fully charged and can safely remain connected for longer periods.
LED Indicators: Easily monitor the charging status of the USB hub through panel-mounted LED indicators.

Ideal for educational and healthcare institutions, the MultiPad™ 48 Port Charging Trolley System effortlessly transforms your classrooms, lecture halls, and medical facilities into organized hubs for all your devices. Say goodbye to tangled cables, scattered devices, and overcrowded outlets.

Protect your investment and ensure your devices are always ready for use with our secure and efficient system. The trolley features a robust three-point locking system for theft prevention and a smart control panel that safeguards against power surges, providing peace of mind for your devices.

Why wait? Upgrade to the MultiPad™ 48 Port Charging Trolley System from Protechnic and experience the future of device management and charging. And remember, label your pull-out drawers for ultimate organization and convenience. Turn your chaos into streamlined efficiency with Protechnic!