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Bespoke Cases


What Is The EXOcase™?

6 Times Stronger Than Traditional Flight Cases, Water & Scratch Resistant, Highly Customisable, IP56 Rated, Mil-Spec 81-41.

The EXOcase™ is a product designed, patented and manufactured by Protechnic in our facility near Bristol. Combining the convenience and customisation of a fabricated case with the durability of a moulded transit case, the EXOcase’s unique exo-skeletal design ensures maximum protection of high-value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation.

Before The EXOCase

After starting Protechnic in 1994 building custom flight cases, we started to notice that the original flight case which has been in existence since the 1950s was starting to show its age with the design remaining largely unchanged.

Whilst the flight case is very strong and configurable wasn’t very durable when compared to injection moulded cases, but while injection moulded cases did have durability, the very high capital investment in machinery and very costly moulded tools means making small batches of cases aren’t worth the development and production costs involved.

The Solution

Therefore in 1999 our design team set about working on a new solution that takes the best aspects of both the traditional flight cases and the newer injection moulded cases. From traditional flight cases, we took the strength, flexibility and low set-up costs for bespoke sizes and took the durability of a moulded case to create the EXOcase™.

6 Years Of Development

After some six years in development the EXOcase was launched in 2005. Taking its name from the inspiration that gave the case its unique properties, the EXOcase™ was inspired by a unique exo-skeletal design found within nature’s beetle tank, the stag beetle. The unique exo-skeletal design ensures maximum protection of high-value instrumentation and sensitive equipment during storage and transportation.

Since The Launch

Since then, the product has been through many design reviews, field trials and has undergone extensive military testing. The beauty of the EXOcase™ is that it is both tough and fully customisable to meet your needs. Custom sizes, varying interior designs ranging from foam inserts to custom fittings, various coloured panels and branding configurations can be chosen. We have continued to develop the EXOcase and it is our intention to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation in terms of strength, weight and ingress protection.

Custom Sizes

Long and Large EXOCase

Foam Inserts

EXOCase Foam Inserts

Custom Fits

Custom Fit Cases



Unique Designs

Many EXOCases In One Image

DropTest Certified

Ensuring the product stays in its original condition on their journey from point A to point B.

IP rating of IP56

Protected from limited dust ingress and protected from high pressure water jets from any direction.

DEFSTAN 81-41 Certificate

This confirms that this case can stand up to some of the most hostile environments on the planet.

Totally Customisable

No longer will you need to “find a case to suit” the EXOcase™ is specifically engineered to your needs.

Get Customising Now!

As the EXOcase is a fully customisable case that allows your unique product or unique equipment to be protected against water, dust, knocks and much more. Contact us today to see whether we can design your protective packaging solution.

EXOCase Rack
EXOCase Long Stacked
EXOCase Tall

How The EXOCase Is Made...

Each Case Is Customised To Your Exact Needs


ExoCase Corner

Replaceable Corners

EXOCase Foam Inserts

Foam Inserts


Solid Handles


Robust Hinges

Latches and Catches

Metal Latches

Who is the EXOcase™ great for?

Since its launch into the market, the EXOcase™ has revolutionised Protechnic’s protective case offerings into sectors such as medical, science, audiovisual, motorsport, military, satellite communications, marine and oil and gas across the globe. 

If you have a unique product or unique equipment then this case may be right for you.  Contact us today to see whether we can design your protective packaging solution.

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