Stackable plastic case, 600x400x135 mm, 20L

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Stackable case 20 liters, 600x400x135 mm
brand E-Line
with hinged lid, dark grey
with snap closures
with hinge reinforcements
with a handle on a long side
light grey
PP regenerated plastic industrial quality

£23.10 (tax excl.)


Stackable Euro storage cases

By providing our Normbox plastic bins with a case handle and a lid, a plastic stackable case is created. The plastic case can be easily locked and opened thanks to the patented snap closures.

The suitcases are stackable and can be loaded up to hundreds of kilos. Plastic cases are strong and last a lifetime, making them sustainable packaging for your products.

The strong and practical cases are used in all kinds of industries and companies, from internal transport in hospitals to the storage of tools in service trucks.

Also available in recycle and ESD version

The stackable Euro standard cases are also available in the favorably priced recycle version (E-line) and in an ESD (Electro Static Discharge) safe version. If the cases are temporarily out of stock, we will assemble them for you within a week.

Extensive range of standard accessories

Due to the many applications for which our plastic cases and plastic boxes are used, we have built up a wide range of standard accessories.

  • various lids
  • divisions
  • foam interiors
  • inset boxes
  • locks and seals
  • prints and markings

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 600 × 400 × 325 mm