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Bespoke Flight Cases


In the early days of Protechnic, we were manufacturing flight cases and supplying commercially off the shelf (COTS) cases such as Peli, Nanuk, HPRC, SKF, SPI, WEG etc. The COTS cases are standard sizes and most of our customers require cases that are designed to their specific size, there were a number of applications that required cases that were suitable for presentations and the flight case was seen as a bit too industrial. We set about designing a case that had smooth lines and could be made to any size, the result was our Smart case.

The Design

The Smart case was launched in 2000 and is our own unique product, it is a stylish design that has been very successful for us for over the 20 years since the design was finalised. We are continuing to develop the case design and we have recently designed internal steel brackets to enhance the strength of the case and we are currently redesigning the corner mouldings to enable a more efficient build process.

When is the Smart Case Perfect For You?

The Smart Case is ideally suited to the smaller demonstration case market where cost, weight and aesthetics are key. With our Digital UV printing facilities and extensive design and CNC machining capability, we are able to configure the Smart case to suit a vast range of applications.

Smart Case Examples

Have a look at the cases we have made for people just like you!

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