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Protechnic Going Green

Protechnic Going Green

Protechnic has undergone a Solar Power Conversion across their entire factory dramatically cutting their carbon footprint.

Over the first 6 months of 2019 Protechnic has been working to reduce its carbon footprint and energy efficiency.

By working alongside Solarsense the UK’s leading supplier of renewable and sustainable energy solutions Protechnic has installed a 200kWp Grid-connected system that is made up of over 600 solar panels.

The impact that this system will have on the environment each year will be an estimated reduction of up to 69.55 tonnes of CO2.

This figure is equivalent to planting 94 trees or driving 175,381 miles (*based on a typical family car producing 411g of CO2 per mile) every year.

So how does it work?

A solar panel is made up of silicon cells and wiring that feed into an inverter. This inverter then redirects the generated power into the main electricity grid.

Put simply, sunlight is absorbed by photovoltaic cells in the solar panel to generate direct current (DC).

The direct current then travels through the wires in the solar panels into an inverter that converts it into alternating current (AC).

This alternating current is then used to power appliances, machines and lights within the factory and excess power is fed back into the grid.

Along with installing a new top of the range solar power system, Protechnic has also replaced 80% of their factory lighting with LED lights. These lights are designed to assist with energy consumption and reduction of Protechnic’s carbon footprint.

The team at Protechnic are continually looking for new ways to reduce the impact on the environment caused by the factory and manufacturing facility. Over the coming months, they will be working to continue these developments by increasing the use of recyclable materials and reducing the use of harmful substances and adhesives used in the manufacturing process.

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