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Strength, Rigidity and high performance

Vulcan Exo Rack Case

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New from Penn Elcom, the Vulcan Shockmount Chassis gives your case affordable military-grade protection against impact, shock and vibration.

The 19” rack is a standardized frame or enclosure for mounting multiple electronic equipment modules. Each module has a front panel that is 19 inches (482.6 mm) wide. The 19-inch dimension includes the edges or “ears” that protrude from each side of the equipment, allowing the module to be fastened to the rack frame with screws or bolts. One unit or U is 1.75” (44.45 mm). Common uses include computer servers, telecommunications equipment and networking hardware, audio-visual production gear, and scientific equipment.

The Protechnic Exo Rack range is based on our patented Exo case design, the rack case design consists of an Exo case exterior with a vibration isolated internal rack frame, all cases have recessed butterfly catches and recessed sprung loaded handles.

Innovative Construction

Vulcans Patented design uses hollow triangular sections of high-tensile tempered aluminium alloy. This gives it an extraordinary strength-to-weight ratio while retaining stability whatever the chassis size.

Versatile Design

You can now safely integrate sensitive and high-value devices into rack enclosures without upgrading to a heavy and costly steel chassis. Tested to military standards, a Vulcan Chassis will keep contents safe from drops, vibrations and impact during transportation or storage

The Standard Case

The standard case range has black fittings with black case panels. There are two types of internal rack frame the standard steel rack and the aluminium Vulcan rack frame which is conforms to IEC 60297-3 and accredited to MIL STD 810G. The standard frame sizes range from 2U to 20U in 1U increments and there are four standard frame depths: 480mm, 610mm, 740mm & 870mm. All sizes have removeable front and rear lids and are available either with or without wheels. Cases up to 7U have two 90mm corner wheels and above 7U have four 100mm castors (two locking, 2 swivel) fitted via wheel board. There are three options for vibration mounts depending on the weight of the equipment for be housed, up to 50Kg, up to 90Kg and up to 200Kg. The Exo case is rated at IP55 for ingress protection.

M6 captive nuts, black M6 screws and black plastic cup washers can be supplied to the quantity required. We also have a full range of 19” rack drawers, panels, shelves, cooling fans, power distribution units and cable management units available on request.

Additional information

Height (U)

2U – 88.9mm, 3U – 133.35mm, 4U – 177.8mm, 5U – 222.25mm, 6U – 266.7mm, 7U – 311.15mm, 8U – 355.6mm, 9U – 400.05mm, 10U – 444.5mm, 11U – 488.95mm, 12U – 533.4mm, 13U – 577.85mm, 14U – 622.3mm, 15U – 666.75mm, 16U – 711.2mm, 17U – 755.65mm, 18U – 800.1mm, 19U – 844.55mm, 20U – 889mm

Depth (mm)

480, 610, 740, 870

With Wheels?

With Wheels, Without Wheels

Ultra quick assembly

The Vulcan Chassis can be assembled in just 6 minutes

Precisely machined to slide and lock perfectly into place each time, building each kit is simple and fuss-free. Cage nuts allow for easy lining up of fixing screws and the rails are designed to clamp 19-inc panels safely and securely.


Custom Foam Engineering

We are able to engineer custom foam packaging to help protect your product. We use state of the art equipment in both the design and develop protective packaging unique to your product. By choosing Protechnic as your partner for bespoke protective solutions, you are working with a qualified and experienced team where engineering excellence has been proven time and time again. Our sales and design teams are here to lead you through the design process from case selection through to identifying the most appropriate foam for your application. We are able to advise you were foam and case colours can be combined to produce a striking and lasting effect, especially when used in conjunction with laser etching and UV printing.

UV Printing

We offer a range of finishes to meet the exacting needs and requirements of each client. Our cases can also be produced with durable screen-printed designs. Our in-house screen-printing service uses specially formulated ink for a striking and long-lasting result. We can enhance your corporate image by applying your company logo and colours to the panels. Protechnic provides branding solutions for every scenario and case build.

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