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B&W Outdoor Cases

B&W type 6040 Li-Ion Carry & Store for e-bike batteries black

B&W Osmo Cases

GoPro, microphones and much more: Valuable equipment and the right accessories are perfectly stored in the B&W cases for the multimedia sector. Whether on tour, travelling or looking for the next challenge – the B&W cases protect the valuable content in every situation – even in extreme ones. Sensitive technology is bedded stably and securely in tailor-made foam inserts and thus even survives dives unscathed.

Need to find the case that will best protect your equipment or product?

More About This Case…

The robust transport case outdoor case type 6040 from B&W – suitable for your e-bike batteries

For the transport of e-bike Allus, you need a certified and safe solution, as lithium-ion batteries are always classified as dangerous goods, regardless of their condition. The safe storage of e-bike batteries also plays an important role, for example, if you do not use your bikes for a long time in the off-season.
With the outdoor case type 6040 from B&W, your batteries are always safely stored, the certified cases are suitable for any transport over land, water and in the air, even with defective batteries. A special interior, a Cirrus fibreglass cushion, provides protection. This padding material is neither flammable nor conductive.


  • The unbreakable case is made of impact-resistant polypropylene
  • Interior made of Cirrus fibreglass cushions
  • Offers optimum protection, for example for e-bike batteries
  • Two easy-to-use fasteners
  • Two eyelets for additional padlocks
  • Rubberized carrying handle
  • Super stable and stackable
  • Dustproof, airtight, waterproof
  • air pressure equalization valve
  • Temperature stable from -30°C to +80°C
  • Approved up to a total weight of 13kg

Whatever you encounter out there: The B&W Outdoor Case is up to every challenge. The shell made of impact-resistant polypropylene is extremely stable and stackable, dustproof and waterproof and is temperature-stable at outside temperatures between -30°C and +80°C. 
Numerous functional details make the outdoor case an ideal companion in any environment. 

The features of the B&W Outdoor Cases at a glance:

  • easy-to-open, two-stage closures
  • Ergonomic, padded and foldable two-component handle
  • Quality you can feel: a matt, high-quality surface

The B&W Outdoor Cases have passed some extremely demanding tests:

Vibration, cold resistance, dry heat and impact tests – all with great success. This means that these cases are approved in accordance with the STANAG 4280 – DEF STAN 81-41 standards. The certification according to IP 67 protection class also ensures dust and water resistance. 

Decide here at the case market for the outdoor case in tested quality.

The B&W outdoor.cases: Extremely robust cases – suitable for every use

The outdoor cases from B&W are true all-rounders. Whether as an audio case for transporting microphones and other music accessories, or as a camera case for professional and hobby photographers to store valuable equipment – our outdoor cases reliably protect the contents of the case in every situation. When out and about in the wilderness or looking for new challenges, it can quickly become shaky on uneven terrain and the case can slip out of your hand. No problem at all for our outdoor cases, because the ultra-robust case shells easily withstand falls and blows and embed the contents that need protection in a particularly soft and safe way with suitable, individually designable interior material.

Protechnic - Airworthy


Protechnic - 30 Year Guarantee


Protechnic - Waterproof according to IP67

waterproof according to IP67

Protechnic - Extremely Robust

extremely robust

Protechnic - Rubber Handle

rubberized handle 

Protechnic - 30 Year Guarantee

easy to open locks 

Protechnic - Stackable


Protechnic - 30 Year Guarantee

temperature stable 

Protechnic - 30 Year Guarantee

30 year warranty

Protechnic - 30 Year Guarantee

two eyelets for padlocks

The perfect travel companion thanks an automatic air pressure equalization valve

With us, there is no either/or: B&W’s outdoor cases are extremely rugged AND airworthy at the same time. This is made possible with an air pressure equalization valve built into the case, which immediately responds when the atmospheric pressure changes. This reliably takes the pressure off the shell, preserving the case itself and providing optimal protection for its contents.

Additional information

Ext. Length (cm)


Ext. Width (cm)


Ext. Depth (cm)



4.5 kg






Dustproof, Airtight, Waterproof

Manufacturer guarantee

30 years

on sale since


Temperature-stable from -30 °C to 80 °C

Whether traveling through polar regions or in extremely hot locales: Our B&W outdoor case are always by your side. Whether bitter cold down to -30 °C or scorching heat up to 80 °C, our outdoor cases provide dependable protection.

Versatile accessories such as a backpack system and wall mount for B&W outdoor cases

There is a variety of accessories available for our B&W outdoor cases to provide additional comfort and/or more organization and a custom layout for your speciality care. To transport your outdoor case comfortably on long trips, a special backpack system can be attached to the case. The lid remains accessible, allowing for easy access to equipment at all times, even when the case is on your back. For more organization and a better overview, there is the B&W wall mount, onto which outdoor cases type 3000–6000 can be practically attached to save space. Another custom interior option is a mounting frame, made of either plastic or aluminium, which can be used to easily mount things like instrument panels. Other interior options are a lid pouch made of foam or mesh for documents or small parts, and a durable, weatherproof shoulder strap for more carrying variation and comfort.

Custom Foam Engineering

We are able to engineer custom foam packaging to help protect your product. We use state of the art equipment in both the design and develop protective packaging unique to your product. By choosing Protechnic as your partner for bespoke protective solutions, you are working with a qualified and experienced team where engineering excellence has been proven time and time again. Our sales and design teams are here to lead you through the design process from case selection through to identifying the most appropriate foam for your application. We are able to advise you were foam and case colours can be combined to produce a striking and lasting effect, especially when used in conjunction with laser etching and UV printing.

pelican professional rolling travel camera case
Highfield e-Learning Storage ox

UV Printing

We offer a range of finishes to meet the exacting needs and requirements of each client. Our cases can also be produced with durable screen-printed designs. Our in-house screen-printing service uses specially formulated ink for a striking and long-lasting result. We can enhance your corporate image by applying your company logo and colours to the panels. Protechnic provides branding solutions for every scenario and case build.