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B&W Bike Cases

B&W Foldon Bag Pack 2 rolls black

B&W Bike Cases & Bags

Our B&W bike.cases are more than just bike boxes. They are the sturdy and rugged transport solution for bikes while traveling. Whether you are a pro cyclist or an amateur: With our bike.cases, you have everything you need because our B&W bike.cases offer the perfect storage and protection for your bike. Our bike.cases come in various sizes and offer numerous benefits for uncomplicated bike transport. A B&W can be enhanced with various accessories, such as wheel guards, protection sets, or gear bag sets.

Need to find the case that will best protect your equipment or product?

More About This Case…

Folding or collapsible bikes offer a great advantage when travelling in that they are folded and packed in a bag like normal luggage. They are therefore not subject to the other regulations for transporting bicycles on buses, trains or planes and therefore do not cause any additional costs for transport. The 4 kg light transport bag is equipped with an aluminium frame that protects the interior and ensures stable transport thanks to two smooth-running wheels. The maximum load of 17 kilograms can be easily towed. The transport system is equipped with an additional bag, the gym bag, in which other equipment such as a bicycle helmet, clothing or shoes can be stored separately.

The highlight: the transport bag can be converted into a backpack in just a few steps. The foldon.bag pack thus guarantees travellers direct mobility at their destination. The robust, dirt and water-repellent surface of the transport bag is comparable to the material of conventional hiking and trekking backpacks.

All data at a glance

  • Made from durable, dirt and water repellent ripstop polyester.
  • A pull loop and two stable, smooth-running wheels enable the folding bike to be transported comfortably.
  • Extra accessories: gym bag for additional equipment such as a bicycle helmet, shoes or clothing.
  • The Gymbag can be stowed in the transport bag as well as in the backpack after conversion.
  • Converting the foldon.bag pack into a backpack takes about 2:30 minutes.
  • External dimensions: 620 x 600 x 350 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 610 x 590 x 340 mm
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Max. load: 17 kg

B&W bike cases: maximum protection and security for bike transport

With a from B&W, secure transport is guaranteed wherever you need to take your bike. Rugged, high-quality materials ensure exceptional impact resistance and protect valuable contents in any situation. Internal straps and foam padding provide maximum protection for your bike. Bike frames and wheels have plenty of room and are doubly secured.
Whether hard shell or soft bag, our bike.cases always guarantee the secure transport of your bike. Another must-have are our TSA-approved locks, which secure the perfectly.

Mobile transport thanks to our B&W bike cases with casters: practical roller function for easy handling

The four built-in casters on B&W bike cases ensure easy, uncomplicated handling at all times, whether every day or while travelling. Two swivel and two rigid casters provide mobility and easy manoeuvrability. Rugged shells and durable materials protect against external influences and make B&W bike cases sturdy and rugged companions. Pull handles attached to the case make handling easy, including over even terrain. Removable lids ensure quick and easy packing and unpacking on the go.

Additional information

Int. Length (cm)


Int. Width (cm)


Int. Depth (cm)


Ext. Length (cm)


Ext. Width (cm)


Ext. Depth (cm)



4.1 kg

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The perfect bike box: our bike case

The wide range of B&W bike cases and bike boxes contains a large selection of various models. From rugged bike bags to padded wheel bags: B&W designs products for transporting bikes as well as matching accessories. We offer practical solutions for comfortable, secure bike transport. B&W’s bike cases not only perfectly accommodate every part of the bike, but also ensure that every part arrives safe and sound. 

The B&W protector set ensures maximum protection for every part of the bike. Consisting of a chain guard, two foam tubes, and five spacers, this set is ideal for protecting even the smallest parts. Frame and parts are secured with four additional holders and protected against wear with high-quality foam. Everything in a B&W bike case stays in its place during transport and is then right at hand.

Matching B&W tool case accessories such as tool boards and foam inserts

A B&W tool case offers plenty of space to customize the interior of your personal tool case: tool kits, aluminium dividers, and foam inserts allow for flexible design and ensure that all your tools stay where you put them.

We are here to answer any questions you have about our products and are available for help and advice. 

Custom Foam Engineering

We are able to engineer custom foam packaging to help protect your product. We use state of the art equipment in both the design and develop protective packaging unique to your product. By choosing Protechnic as your partner for bespoke protective solutions, you are working with a qualified and experienced team where engineering excellence has been proven time and time again. Our sales and design teams are here to lead you through the design process from case selection through to identifying the most appropriate foam for your application. We are able to advise you were foam and case colours can be combined to produce a striking and lasting effect, especially when used in conjunction with laser etching and UV printing.

pelican professional rolling travel camera case
Highfield e-Learning Storage ox

UV Printing

We offer a range of finishes to meet the exacting needs and requirements of each client. Our cases can also be produced with durable screen-printed designs. Our in-house screen-printing service uses specially formulated ink for a striking and long-lasting result. We can enhance your corporate image by applying your company logo and colours to the panels. Protechnic provides branding solutions for every scenario and case build.