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HPRC Ready Cases Available In The UK


Waterproof, resistant and light: the MAVBAG35-03 has been designed specifically for the DJI Mavic 2 and everything needed for its use. This case is an upgrade of the 3500 version which is now also able to carry the DJI Smart Controller, the remote control with integrated 5.5-inch monitor. A bag that can also be used as cabin luggage and that offers compartmentalized interior spaces for the drone and its accessories.



The foam can contain:


-DJI Mavic 2 (Intelligent Flight Battery and Gimbal Protector Included)

-Remote Controller/Smart Controller

-Intelligent Flight Batteries

-Usb Power Adapter/cable

-Mavic 2 Car Charger

-Battery Charging Hub /Adapter, Various

-Various / Usb Adaptor

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More about HPRC Cases?

HPRC cases can be used for all sorts of applications in OEMB2B and B2C industries. From medical and hi-tech (measurement, laser etc) to industrial and electronics, military and Government police law enforcement, nautical, outdoor, imaging, broadcasting and many more, HPRC cases provide total protection to the carried equipment.

Most of hard cases are made of standard pp: our R&D department has developed an enhanced compound Ttx01®, still based on pp, now balanced with additional high-performance resins. Ttx01® make the HPRC shell thinner and more elastic, increasing therefore the shockproof degree and the lightweight. On top of that, maintaining pp characteristics, HPRC cases are acid, scratch, corrosion and dust-proof, able to resist to extreme weather conditions and temperature changes (products are tested from – 40° to 80°C) and watertight. Lastly, all shells and components of HPRC cases are 100% recyclable.

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Additional information

internal dimension

433x319x169(mm) – 17.05×12.56×6.65(in)

external dimension

498x370x185(mm) – 19.61×14.57×7.28(in)

Custom Foam Engineering

We are able to engineer custom foam packaging to help protect your product. We use state of the art equipment in both the design and develop protective packaging unique to your product. By choosing Protechnic as your partner for bespoke protective solutions, you are working with a qualified and experienced team where engineering excellence has been proven time and time again. Our sales and design teams are here to lead you through the design process from case selection through to identifying the most appropriate foam for your application. We are able to advise you were foam and case colours can be combined to produce a striking and lasting effect, especially when used in conjunction with laser etching and UV printing.

UV Printing

We offer a range of finishes to meet the exacting needs and requirements of each client. Our cases can also be produced with durable screen-printed designs. Our in-house screen-printing service uses specially formulated ink for a striking and long-lasting result. We can enhance your corporate image by applying your company logo and colours to the panels. Protechnic provides branding solutions for every scenario and case build.

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