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Customise your case

Foam Engineering

Protechnic have been designing and manufacturing bespoke protective foam inserts since it began manufacturing custom flight cases which is now over 30 years ago. By using Plastazote foam as its first choice for protective case inserts, we are giving our customers the very best protection for their products. Whether you are looking for display, presentational or technical protection for your product, Protechnic with over 30 years of experience will have the solution that meets your requirements.

Plastazote materials are world renown, have a processing pedigree stretching back over 50 years and are technically aligned across virtually all industrial sectors. Produced as a chemically inert polyethylene expanded foam material its list of attributes are extensive and include being UV light, moisture, oil and solvent resistant as well as being available in a comprehensive range of densities and colours. Where dictated by process, we are able to offer foams that are certificated for use in conductive and static dissipative applications.

Where the fragility of a product is a critical factor in the transporting and storage of sensitive instrumentation, Protechnic is able to work with our customers and generate specialist cushion curve calculations, based upon predetermined criteria,  in order to calculate the level of surface area protection and foam density required to manage exposure to both shock and vibration.

Working with Protechnic for your protective packaging requirements brings you into our world of 3D design, were we operate on the latest Solid Edge software, that interfaces with our state of the art CNC manufacturing cells comprising water-jet profiling, routing, laser etching and UV printing all of which bring significant benefits to you as our customer. Our laser etching and UV printing capabilities will embellish your protective packing and take it to another differentiating level of promotion, branding and product identification.

By choosing Protechnic as your partner for bespoke protective solutions, you are working with a qualified and experienced team where engineering excellence has been proven time and time again. Our sales and design teams are here to lead you through the design process from case selection through to identifying the most appropriate foam for your application. We are able to advise you were foam and case colours can be combined to produce a striking and lasting effect, especially when used in conjunction with laser etching and UV printing.

Water Jet Technology

Current manufacturing capabilities have been significantly enhanced over the last few years to include laser etching, UV printing and most recently water-jet cutting.  The company has adopted Solid Edge as its 3D design platform.

The water-jet cutter, is a high-end, fully automatic machine for use in our panel and foam production and this has brought enumerable benefits to the business and our products in terms of efficiency, accuracy, speed and design enhancements.

A key factor in purchasing the water jet cutter was having the capability to cut 200mm thick foam which is a stringent requirement for this technology and one that narrowed down our choice of partner.  We now have this capability and this has given Protechnic a significant USP within the foam cutting industry.

Quality and customer service have always been at the forefront of our business ethos and the water-jet cutting process has allowed the business to maintain its competitive position, commensurate with quality and product uniqueness. 

CAD Engineering

Our design engineers use the latest SolidEdge 3D CAD software to build complex models and assemblies, ready for design and construction to maximise the protection to your products.

We are experienced with analysing every element of a component design to identify areas of stress, before a case has been manufactured. With an interface direct with the machine floor, we are able to develop and manufacture the highest quality of protection on the market.

We will work closely with you to ensure the final product is of the highest quality, meets your exact specifications and is delivered on time.

Research and Development

Protechnic’s founder Keith Judson is a former Rolls Royce graduate engineer whose career was founded on innovation and as such research and development has and will continue to be at the forefront of The Protechnic business. Our products are under constant review as we seek to maintain and improve on the clear USP that our cases bring to the market place.

Based upon the simple engineering principles of designing lighter and stronger, Protechnic is able to offer a series of ground breaking case for all applications that include the Smart Case, Exo Case and soon to be introduced Nio Case. Both the Smart Case and Exo Case have achieved a wide market appeal and we are certain the Nio Case will achieve the same level of acceptance.

The Exo Case in particular is a marvel of  modular engineering where key aspects of the design have achieving patented recognition and where the modular design allows us to optimize on a case size relative to the our customers specific requirements. The approach taken by the company in respect to research and development is typified in the following example and follows an approach from a large educational establishment during 2014. Protechnic were invited in to solve a logistic problem associated with the secure storage and handling of multiple iPad devises. Not only were we able to offer a unique solution to their storage problem but in true fashion Keith looked beyond this requirement and set about developing an IPAD charging and synchronization station to handle up to 16 IPADS simultaneously and so the Multipad™  product was born and launched at the British Educational Training and Technology (BETT) show at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London in January 2014.