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Our team are always happy to share our bespoke packaging and foam engineering knowledge and experience. With over 25 years industry leading experience Protechnic are well equipped to deal with almost any inquiry and question. Chances are, we have seen and done it before!

We have compiled some information that our team regularly get asked. If you have a question that is not on our list please contact us directly.

Do you make custom cases

Protechnic specialise in bespoke protective packaging solutions. We work with you to make sure your project has the best possible packaging protection available.

Do you only make custom cases?

We offer a full range of “off the shelf” protective cases, waterproof cases and transit solutions. To find a solution for your needs contact our sales team: 01275 811310.

Can we have a credit account?

Your first order will always be paid via pro-forma invoice before any work is carried out. On subsequent and frequent orders you will be able to apply for a 30 day credit account with our company. For more information regarding credit accounts please contact us directly on 01275 811310. **Credit accounts are subject to order size and credit history.

How do I pay for my order?

BACS/CHAPS/PAYPAL & All major credit cards (excluding AMEX).

Do you export globally?

Yes, however delivery charges apply.

How long will it take to design my case?

There are 2 parts to the design process, firstly the design and drawing of the case. This is dependent on information provided and there is an active dialogue between Protechnic and the client to ensure that the case is design to meet the customer needs. Once the design has been approved we would usually offer a 3-4 week lead time.

I want to re-order, will there be a drawing charge?

As long as there are no amendments to the cases there will be no further design charge on repeat orders.

Are you recruiting?

From time to time positions will arise within our manufacturing/sales teams. Check out our facebook and social media pages for up to date information about job vacancies. If you feel you have something special to offer our company we are always have room for talented individuals within our team – check out our careers page for more details.

What is IP Rating?

The IP (International Protection) Rating of a product is represented by two numbers. The first digit is the protection rating against solid foreign objects (i.e. dust 0-6) and the second digit represents the protection against the ingress of water (0-8).

What is Fragility?

Fragility level is defined as the g force that a product can withstand without causing damage to the product function. As a guide a product dropped from 1m and brought to rest in 1mm would sustain 1000g which would cause catastrophic failure of most electronic devices, it is vital that the interior of the case is designed in such a way to attenuate the shock to an acceptable level. We use closed cell cross linked polyethylene engineering foam to design the foam interior to provide the optimum level of protection.

In the protective packaging industry there are industry standards on defining fragility. At Protechnic, we follow these industry standards very closely, and use them to design our case interior fitting to deal with a variety of products in a variety of situations and fragility levels.

As defined by these guidelines, the fragility levels fall into six different categories, based upon the application or product you are shipping. Lower levels for more fragile products, and higher levels can be utilized for more rugged products.

Extremely Fragile

Products that are extremely fragile need protective packaging with extremely low g-levels. Products such as a missile guidance system, gyroscope, or precision aligned test instruments require fragility levels of 15-25 G’s. Again, the lower the G-level, the more absorption if a product is dropped.

Very Delicate

For products such as x-ray equipment or flight instruments. The safe range for these products is 25-40 G’s. Anything higher may not be safe enough to protect from drops.


This is where most consumer products fall, and at Protechnic we can design protective packaging to provide the optimum protection. Fragility levels from 40-60 G’s are needed to safely ship display terminals, printers, test instruments, or hard drives.

Moderately Delicate

Protective packaging for this level will be ideal for television receivers, or things like aircraft accessories. These products will need to have G-levels of 60-85 G’s.

Moderate Rugged

Items of this size do not require such a slow absorption process. Therefore protective packaging with G-levels from 85-115 G’s can provide the necessary protection. Many household appliances will fall in to this category.


This is your heavy duty equipment. Equipment that is designed to take some falls and drops without being destroyed. Fragility levels above 115 are fine. Mechanical equipment or machinery is something that can withstand a drop with protective packaging that has high levels.

These categories provide a guide for protective packaging and the various products that can be shipped with it. No matter the product or fragility level needed Protechnic are able to design a packaging solution to meet your needs.

What is a Rack Space or Rack Unit?

A standard Rack Unit is 1.75 inches (4.445 cm) in height.

If I have any issue with my order who do I call?

If you have any issues notify our team immediately on 01275 811310 or [email protected]