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Case Study – Vaccine Cool Box

Permafrost VacSafe


We are currently working with a company that has developed a portable cold storage product that can safely store and transport vaccine vials at -74C for twenty four days or more with no external power requirements. The need for the product is crystalised in the statement below from Colum Ryan Co Founder & Director of the company that has developed the product:

“The importance of the logistical delivery of temperature-controlled medical supplies into the field, quickly and anywhere in the world, is paramount to any operation.

This is why we are taking these steps to provide the solution to our UK armed forces, United Nations, and Worldwide Agencies.

Vacsafe provides medical temperature-controlled supplies over Land, Sea, and Air safely worldwide without any batteries or moving parts, which puts Vacsafe at the heart of any operation.”

There are many technical and commercial advantages of the original VacSafe product, but the original design was based on a heavy metal container that is not suitable for deployment in far reaching environments.

The Original VacSafe Product

VacSafe vaccine storage box

During the summer 2021 Protechnic were engaged with regard to designing a ruggedised version of their VacSafe product that would be suitable for military use.

Our Solution

Our patented Exo Case provides the perfect solution for the ruggedisation of the VacSafe product. The images below show the finished design, this case has been demonstrated to the COP26 delegates as a world beating solution for the deployment of Covid 19 as well as a wide range of other vaccines that are required around the world, the response was overwhelmingly positive.


The case will be tested by the World Health Organisation (WHO) later this year (2021), given the fact that the case design has been extensively tested to Def Stan 81-41, we are confident that the design will be approved and would expect this to be rolled out in volume from Q1 2022.

VacSafe EXOCase™ External
vaccine transport cooler box

VacSafe EXOCase™ Internal

Protechnic EXOcase For Low Temperature Vaccine Transport

The WHO have said that the annual wastage of vaccine is as high as 50%, this development will dramatically reduce that level of waste. The next development in this product will be to design a backpack solution incorporating the Exo Case that will enable deployment to very remote locations


VacSafe will facilitate the deployment of bulk vaccine far more effectively than existing methods. The Exo case provides an ideal solution for this very exciting and timely product.

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