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Production Manager

Protechnic Ltd are a UK based manufacturing company. They have been designing and manufacturing cases and protective foam inserts to supply to British Industry for over 25 years. Led by an innovative owner, a talented team of engineers and a lean manufacturing ideology, Protechnic has positioned its business and products to be competitive through clearly defined differentiators within the diverse and fragmented ‘case and protective packaging’ market.

Protechnic’s products are of fabricated design, which allows the cases and foam size/design to be optimised around your product, as opposed to a preformed case that may be too large or compromises the internal foam configuration by being too small. Other benefits that a fabricated case design provide are the flexibility of panel colour and decaling of the external case surfaces through Protechnic’s state of the art multi-colour, UV printing facility that enables the case to carry company logos and text of any size and configuration on any type of case.

Protechnic’s instrumentation cases range in size and duty depending on a customer’s specific requirements and the rigors of the environment they are required to perform in. For light duty applications, consisting of a single or multiple hand held instrument application with ancillary components, the NIO case or SMART case designs will provide customers with durability in service, freedom for bespoke printing and a choice of internal foam densities and colours that both support the technical requirements of the product as well as the aesthetics

Tailored Solutions

All of Protechnic’s bespoke products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Bespoke Design

There is no middle man with Protechnic protective cases, just quality British engineering designed for your products.

Quality Construction

With industry leading build quality Protechnic applies its 25 years experience into every design.

Innovative Engineering

Protechnic’s team work with you to design and create a custom fitted solution for your transit needs. Combining maximum protection and security with portability and reliability. As with their other range of cases, Protechnic’s USP’s include a choice of panel materials incorporating light-weight polypropylene honeycomb where weight is an issue, phenol faced marine grade case panels for heavier duty applications and bespoke UV printing.

Operating on a 3D Solid Edge design platform and utilising state of the art cushion curve software they are able to digitally record your product features and download this information in order to manipulate and configure your product profile to optimise the protective packaging requirement. When it is not possible to send your instrumentation and equipment for reasons of cost or confidentiality, Protechnic offer a chargeable on site mobile digitising service. By working directly with the customer, Protechnic’s engineers can maximise the beneficial returns for both parties.

Boasting a manufacturing facility of 30,000 square feet located close to Bristol (UK) Protechnic have honed their manufacturing capability around lean manufacturing principles and an ethos of continuous improvement. Quality in design and manufacture are the corner stone of the Protechnic business, coupled with an impressive range of manufacturing capability comprising CNC Water jet cutting, UV Printing, Laser foam engraving and CNC routing.

Protechnic are uniquely positioned to tailor every detail around the requirements of a customer and their products from case size, foam selection to case colour through to UV branded artwork to laser engraved part numbers and logos. Whether it is a NIO case, SMART Case or EXOcase™ Protechnic design their products around customer’s products, leaving them in no doubt that their product is in safe hands.

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